Photo Friday: High Heel Race, Washington, DC USA – Proof that the world is learning to love better

2015 High Heel Race Dupont Circle Washington DC USA 00095
2015 High Heel Race Dupont Circle Washington DC USA 00095 (View on

This week’s photograph was taken at the annual Dupont Circle High Heel Race, in its 29th year. Mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser (@MayorBowser) is pictured with the Fanta women. It’s a great night where the diversity of the community is celebrated by all.

One of my colleagues mentioned what a change it is to have police working in partnership to promote safety and a fun event. In fact, Sergeant Jessica Hawkins, the head of the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit was there with us the entire time. Jessica also happens to be a transgender woman.

Learning to love better

I checked the Washington Post, and indeed, here’s what was said in 1992 on the occasion of this event:

Last year, police on 17th Street summoned officers dressed in riot gear from Georgetown to clear the street. Six people were arrested and leaders of the gay community criticized the police response as excessive. -Martin, W. O., Sevilla, G., & Thomas-Lester, A. (1992, Nov 01). Revelers strut their stuff on a wet halloween. The Washington Post (1974-Current File) Retrieved from

That was a long time, and a different attitude toward diversity ago. The future is as great as we thought it was going to be. Rest of the photos below, enjoy.

Ted Eytan, MD