Disclaimers and Disclosures

Conflict of Interest continues to be a significant challenge in the medical profession.

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2018.11.07 Low Carb and Low Carbon 584 (View on Flickr.com)

Independence Statement

The views in this blog are strictly mine and should not be attributed to any organization mentioned on this site.

Medical advice from your own physician, not from this blog

Statements made on this blog should not be considered medical advice; individuals should seek the counsel of their personal physician for relevant information specific to their health situation.

Conflict of Interest statement

I do not have any financial interest or ties to, and have not received any honoraria, meals, or other consideration from food, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, or device manufacturers.

I welcome a search on my name in any of the relevant databases, as well as the names of any other physicians who are advancing any points of view. A good place to start is Open Payments Data – CMS | CMS Open Payments Data

No advertising

This blog does not accept advertising and does not promote third party products or services.

Consulting/Organizational affiliations outside of my employment

  • No consulting activity at this time
  • No membership on any corporate/organizational board
  • Volunteer photographer, Washington, DC Capital Pride (@CapitalPrideDC @DCTransPride365), Washington, DC USA

Visual version

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2018.11.07 Low Carb and Low Carbon 583 (View on Flickr.com)

Examples of Conflicts that I’ve Run Across

See this post for examples of conflict of interest from people/organizations, some well-known.

Updating: My Disclaimers and Disclosures (November 2018)

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