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What is this? It’s my now page, based on a movement created by Derek Sivers

photo: #ProtectTransWomen Day of Action, Washington, DC USA, March, 2017, by Ted Eytan, MD

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2017.05.20 Capital TransPride Washington, DC USA 5129
2017.05.20 Capital TransPride Washington, DC USA 5129 (View on Flickr.com)

Greetings from Washington, DC (of course) and welcome to my third now update, June, 2017.

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Excited to spend time with equalitymarch2017 leadership team! Washington, DC USA  June 11, 2017 #Theta360 #dc #EqualityEqualsHealth #havepride365 havepride365
Excited to spend time with @equalitymarch17 leadership team! Washington, DC USA June 11, 2017 #Theta360 #dc #EqualityEqualsHealth #havepride365 @havepride365 (View on Flickr.com)
  • Finishing Tools of Titans – back in rotation at my local library 🙂
  • Reading Mistreated by Robert Pearl, MD. I feel if people want to know the solution to what ails health care in this country, it’s best to hear from the experience of the leaders who’ve made the most progress. It’s clear that Kasier Permanente and the Permanente Medical Groups have made the most progress. Robert Pearl, MD (@RobertPearlMD) is the CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (@MAPermanente), and the Co-CEO of The Permanente Federation (@PermanenteDocs)
  • Working on a special emoji project for a friend…
  • Getting ready for the rest of LGBTQ Pride Month, including Washington, DC’s Equality March 2017 (@EqualityMarch17). I recently met the organizers and I’m impressed with the potential of the return to the roots of the most successful civil rights movements of our time.

Is there anything I should be doing that I’m not? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Updated 2017.05.30 – Based on a movement created by Derek Sivers

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  1. Great new theme layout Ted! I actually had no idea about the Now movement and I’m a fan of Sivers. Working on updating it for my own at andreblackman.com. As far as what you should be doing, you might want to check out what I’m building with Onboard Health – a startup focused on cultivating dynamic/diverse talent to aim their skills (tech/data science, design, business) at public health innovation. Happy to talk about it if interested! Cheers to next mini retirement 🙂

    1. Andre,

      Ha ha. So that was that flash of exciting that kept crossing my Twitter feed! I will take a look and thanks for the suggestion,


  2. Awesome! Thanks Ted! I think you’ll like my vision of equipping professionals to tackle SDOH in fresh, sustainable ways and making sure they get plugged into career opportunities to make that happen!

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