Photo Friday: Eaton Workshop, Host for 2019 Capital TransPride, My 7th – As predicted, the future arrived

2019.04.23 Eaton Workshop, Washington, DC USA 01597
2019.04.23 Eaton Workshop, Washington, DC USA 01597 (View on

This week’s photograph was taken in front of the beautiful Eaton Workshop (@EatonWorkshop), hosting Washington, DC’s Capital TransPride (@DCTransPride365), the 7th one I have attended.

Amazingly (and accurately), I predicted this future 6 years ago: See: Celebrating Transgender Pride, our nation’s capital, and our community health, May 18 2013 – Ted Eytan, MD

I took the photos below knowing that we’ll eventually be joined by physicians and nurses in every health system in this room, and then the room won’t be big enough. It’s just a matter of time.Ted Eytan, MD, May, 2013

And, we will be joined by nurses and physicians in many health systems, in one of the most elegant spaces today in Washington, DC, bar none.

Eaton Workshop is a purpose-driven company at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness, and progressive social change. Founded by Katherine Lo, whose vision is to reimagine a hotel as a new inclusive gathering place for changemakers and creatives, Eaton consists of distinct parts—Hotel, House, Media, Wellness, and Impact. –

This feature of the space blew me away:

2019.03.05 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 7422
2019.03.05 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 7422 (View on

This is the standard signage in the space; they are not temporary, like the signs we are used to (these, from 2013 Capital TransPride):

Capital TransPride 24800
Capital TransPride 24800 (View on

See the difference?

I’m Going, for the 7th Time

I’m going and participating, for the 7th time, to celebrate multiple generations of people enjoying life as their authentic selves, and to honor those who were prevented from joining us because their journeys were ended prematurely.

The future has to start somewhere, and it’s usually here.

Ted Eytan, MD