The Transgender Pride Flag is accepted as Draft Candidate Emoji for 2020!

2019.04.28 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 01693
2019.04.28 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 01693 (View on

In the photograph above, my T-shirt is printed with the proposed transgender pride flag emoji symbol, which was accepted as draft candidate emoji for 2020 in May, 2019.

If accepted into the standard, users of nearly every computing device in the world will be able to share the transgender pride flag symbol in communications, alongside the rainbow pride flag symbol, which has been in the standard for some time.

With thanks to the global team of amazing people and tech wizards that helped get us here, and ultimately to a world learning to <3 better.

A simple flag means so much to myself and my community… to make [people] feel that there’s a community outside of wherever they are that are there for them,” she says. “It’s a nice way to send a message that you’re visible. I’m visible. Not only that we’re visible in this space, but we’re visible everywhere.” – Bianca Humady Rey, Chair, Capital TransPride, FastCompany Magazine, April 5, 2019

Public Service Announcement: There’s a correction to the code sequence

We appreciate the team at @Unicode working to make the code sequence work, rather than rejecting the proposal and making us start all over.


Date: 2019-05-01
Title: Additions to emoji data files for Emoji 13.0
Source: ESC / Mark Davis

Make the following additions to data files for Emoji 13.0:

26A7          ; Emoji 

26A7 FE0F     ; Basic_Emoji

26A7 FE0E  ; text style
26A7 FE0F  ; emoji style

U+1F3F3 U+FE0F U+200D U+26A7 U+FE0F

The most documented Emoji proposal in human history

I’ve been keeping a running list of events related to this proposal on this blog, as well as via Twitter moments.

It has been said to me that we’re witnessing the evolution of human language. I agree, and it’s our responsibility to respect and represent all humans. It’s what I came to medicine to do.

Enjoy the news. See you at @DCTransPride365 on May 18, 2019.


About. F*$#ing. Time. Apparently all of the following are more important than human rights and even lives to the Unicode consortium:

lotion bottle (ew, really?)
pirate flag (though as a Pastafarian I’m still happy to see it)
a one-piece swimsuit (because 👙 is just a TOTALLY unacceptable substitute?)
colored shapes. Colored. F*$#ing. Shapes.

Jess, agreed. Thanks for your support. It’s time. For all humans to be respected and represented, Ted

Ted Eytan, MD