Photo Friday: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial, Dallas TX, USA

2016.12.29 Grassy Knoll and School Books, Dallas, TX USA 09820
2016.12.29 Grassy Knoll and School Books, Dallas, TX USA 09820 (View on

I am catching up on photographs taken at the end of 2016….

I happened to find myself in Dallas, Texas and took this on of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial, just off of Dealey Plaza.

The JFK Memorial was the first memorial by famed American architect and Kennedy family friend, Philip Johnson. The monument was approved by Jacqueline Kennedy herself. Johnson called it “a place of quiet refuge, an enclosed place of thought and contemplation separated from the city around, but near the sky and earth.” – Wikipedia

Additional photos of the memorial, views from the School Book Depository, and the Plaza below and at this link. As always, all are creative commons licensed.

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I don’t know why this is sobering and disturbing.

Part of me thinks the memorial (which I’d never heard of) looks so … Soviet, so austere. I don’t like the sight of it – as I don’t like the sight of so much these days.

The fight goes on, because the truth is the truth.

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