Photos of, and on the way to, Washington, DC USA #womensmarch

2017.01.21 Women's March Washington, DC USA 00073
2017.01.21 Women’s March Washington, DC USA 00073 (View on

If you peruse this blog or you know me, you know that I am always working to be an ally in the interest of health for all human beings, especially for the LGBTQ community, and especially the transgender person community.

If I have learned anything, it is to create a platform for others to lead, and then get out of the way.

Thank you to the crew on Alaska Airlines (@AlaskaAir) Flight 6 for entertaining my suggestion to create a platform for the leaders coming home to Washington, DC USA with me.

Additional photos from Washington, DC are below as well.

Feel free to access them on the device of your choice at this link (Alaska Air Flight 6 LAX-DCA) and this link (Women’s March on Washington, Washington, DC USA).

As with all of my photographs, these are all Creative Commons Licensed and free to use – all for the purpose of helping others lead. Enjoy.


I eagerly awaited your first blog after this weekend, Ted. The photos are wonderful and the message was strong here on the West coast as well. Carry on!

Ted Eytan, MD