Photos: WELL MindShift – What’s the Future of Workplace Health?

2017.01.13 WELL MindShift at Center for Total Health 02560
2017.01.13 WELL MindShift at Center for Total Health 02560 (View on

It was a pleasure to host at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) with Rex Miller (@mRexMiller) and friends from Delos (@DelosLiving). I especially appreciate Rex’s approach to these gatherings – everything is open source, just like this blog.

People want to live and work in a healthy environment. People like me want to know what works to make it that way. Rex introduced me to this website, which helps in the critical analysis of what works…

The Well MindShift is a collection of over sixty organizations and one hundred leaders who have assembled to address the crises of workplace health, wellness and well buildings. We see this issue threatening the future viability and prosperity of our corporations and nation. We are a self-organizing cohort representing a diverse cross-section of leaders including subject matter experts, academics, healthcare institutions, corporate, not for profits, authors, service providers and community organizers.

Photos below, click here to grab them on Flickr.

Ted Eytan, MD