Just Presented: Working to be a Transgender Ally | Wright Center Family Medicine Residency, Washington, DC USA

Capital TransPride 2016
Capital TransPride 2016 – Photo Credit Chadwick Cipiti (View on Flickr.com)

I was asked by James Huang, MD (@semaj187) to give a presentation to the Washington, DC site Wright Center National Family Medicine Residency (@WrightCenterGME) on the policy issues relating to transgender person health.

So, not about how to deliver medical care, how to improve the health of the population. The two concepts are different and interrelated.

2016.09.19 Working to be a Transgender Ally from Ted Eytan, MD, MS, MPH

The conversation we are having in 2016 is vastly different than the ones I had in 2012, 2013, 2014, and even 2015 (check the way back machine on this blog to see for yourself). Many (most) of the policy levers and protections are in place and the science is clear. That’s not enough / the work is not done, though. It’s time for our specialty (family medicine) and profession (medicine) to lead in providing care and changing the environment so that the care is healing rather than hurtful.

As I commented on this blog previously, Medicare joined the 21st Century in 2014, 3 years ahead of schedule 🙂 . I hope these conversations inspire doctors/people/patients/humans to be as inclusive in their thinking about the total health of the people we serve.

I was asked at the end about the “why” I am engaged in this area. I appreciate the question, and it’s important. There’s a short version in the slides at the end of the presentation. Here’s the longer version.

Feedback and questions welcome, as always.

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