Photo Friday: Kenilworth – Parkside, Washington, DC USA – A dose of beauty and innovation

2016.09.20 Didactics at Unity Health Parkside Family Medicine Residency 08051
2016.09.20 Didactics at Unity Health Parkside Family Medicine Residency 08051 (View on

I’ve never been to Kenilworth-Parkside in Washington, DC, until I was brought there, by the Wright Center Family Medicine Residency (@WrightGME) to give a didactic on being a transgender ally (see more info about that presentation, including slides, here).

I’m always curious, so I mapped the population vulnerability data for this neighborhood, and it is vulnerable, 42 % poverty rate, 28 % people without high school diplomas. You can explore in this interactive map below.

When we show these maps on the discovery wall at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth), I usually ask – “Is this part of the city beautiful?” And usually the answer is “yes.” My photographs below don’t do it justice (I should have done a virtual reality view, next time).

It’s not just beautiful though, it’s innovative. The Unity Health Care (@UnityHealthCare) Parkside Health Center is brand new (2013) and houses the Wright Center Family Medicine Residency. The specialty of family medicine is innovative in and of itself, of course. Here, on interview day for new residents, they showed me a group interview technique that involves working through a real public health issue (in this case Zika virus) alongside current resident physicians to better assess a person’s abilities within a team. I’ve never seen something like this before and I was told most applicants don’t go through this either, except here.

You can read more about the investment being made in this neighborhood here (via @ggwash).

Thanks for having me, another example of innovation happening far away from push-to-talk mikes and wood-paneled board rooms.

Ted Eytan, MD