Just Read: LGBT Content and the Age of Inclusivity includes #Transgender

This is a milestone for acceptance and equality – it marks the end of invisibility. Thanks, Getty Images (@GettyImages), for helping the world learn to love better, because, you know, it (love) always wins…

In addition to the above, one area we’re looking to grow aggressively at the moment is our LGBT content.  With same-sex marriage and unions now being legal in 30 US states, we’re seeing loads of major brands – like Target, Honeymaid, and even the NFL – featuring gay and lesbian partners and families in their campaigns.  The demand for this kind of content has greatly increased with our clients, and we want to be sure we’re meeting that need.

The “T” in LGBT is a crucial topic for us in particular.  The transgender community has become far more visible, thanks to people like Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the New Black and Geena Rocero who is featured in Marriott’s LGBT-friendly “Love Travels” campaign.  Most recently, Amazon.com’s original show, Transparent starring Jeffrey Tambor, is getting rave reviews, and being lauded for putting a relatable, compassionate face on this population.  Having tasteful, comtemporary images of transgender people in portraiture, lifestyle shoots, and business shoots is top priority for us, as we’re confident this is the next frontier of diversity.

I am not particularly interested/have no plans to submit photographs to be copyrighted (I use the Creative Commons license, the human spirit shouldn’t be copyrighted), therefore all of my photographs of people who are LGBT and the people who love them, inclusive of people who are transgender can be easily found and used online, and have been – all over the world.

Here’s a sampling…

Published photographs – LGBT people and those who love them

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Ted Eytan, MD