MakerDocsDC – August – Being a physician entrepreneur

Co-mentoring – Nishi Rawat, MD, Brian Masterson, MD, Kevin Maloy, MD (@MaloyKR), Ed Tori, DO (@DrEdTori) (View on

It’s hard enough to be an entrepreneur (I can only guess, I am more of an intrapreneur), being an entrepreneur and a physician at the same time brings its own special challenges. And a lot of advantages, too, around connecting innovation to patients and patient stories and the greater purpose of excellent health and health care (see the article linked below).

I’ve written about MakerDocs previously (Formerly called “MakerMDs”, now inclusive of all physicians). Washington DC has a rich entre/intrapraneur community that is continuing to get together. It’s a good thing for physicians to mentor each other, it helps us be better servant leaders :). Thanks to our California colleagues Rebecca Coelius, MD and Connie Chen, MD, and the entire community there for putting us on the launch pad. Here we go!


Ted Eytan, MD