Design for Action is having its first ever conference, Washington, DC, 10/14/14!

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Disclosure: I am a volunteer Board Member for Action Design Network, the 501c3 that supports Action Design DC, SF, New York and Boston….

…and I have been a Board Member since March, 2014, because the Action Design Network is interested in connecting the best behavior design to health, and as I always say, if someone is doing something better than I, I’d like to know about it.

The Design for Action conference is happening October 14, 2014 in the Washington, DC area

The conference builds on everything we’ve done here with the Meetup. We’re bringing together leading practitioners and researchers from around the country, all to share their lessons on applying behavioral economics to product design. Thus far, we’ve announced speakers from Airbnb, Jawbone, Harvard, and more.

So yes, the speakers are going to be great, as will the networking, because the whole week is going to be filled with fun actitivities, including a Kaiser Permanente Technology Forum at the Center for Total Health on October 16 (more on that to come, it will be open to the public), and then MoDev’s Wearables + Things conference October 20-21.

Action Design DC is one of the largest meetup groups in Washington, DC, clocking in at almost 1,300 members. There’s a lot to learn about behavioral economics that can be used for good. The other thing I say is that there are a lot of analogies to health care in the things I learn here. Come join us…

Ted Eytan, MD