Photo Friday: Thank you Liz Taylor in Watercolor, Shaw Neighborhood, Washington, DC USA

This week’s photograph is of the (now) iconic 50-foot tall mural of Elizabeth Taylor in watercolor. From Dacha Beer Garden Glams up Shaw With Gigantic Elizabeth Taylor Mural | InTheCapital:

Although Taylor is no doubt a alluring figure to look at, there is a deeper meaning behind the mural. The mural is meant to pay respects to the late actress for her foundation’s generous support of the Whitman-Walker Health Center, which helped to prevent the spread of AIDS and provided treatment to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The mural exists in a neighborhood experiencing a renaissance following its destruction after the assasination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (see: Photo Friday: Progression Place, Washington, DC | Ted Eytan, MD for photos of 7th Street in 1968)

Ted Eytan, MD