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Yesterday on a tour of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth), one of my esteemed guests, Larry Wolf, Health IT Strategist at Kindred Healthcare and Co-Chair, Certification and Adoption Workgroup, Health IT Policy Committee asked about the adoption curves I showed for Kaiser Permanente’s personal health record,

Because of that and since I’m giving a guest lecture as part of my colleague Carol Cain, PhD’s (@ccain) course: “Digital Medicine: Designing IT Innovations that Improve Healthcare Stanford University Biomedical Informatics 207” later this month, I needed to update them anyway, so here they are. 

The totals are out of a member population of 9.3 million members, with the average practice having 67% of the eligible members (Internet users over 18 years of age) registered to use the portal. Enjoy, and remember, it is possible to engage patients.

Kp org data update 44882

Kp org data update 44883

Kp org data update 44884

Ted Eytan, MD