#GreenHealthChat – tweeting with experts in climate change and health care

On Tuesday, I got to host a very special tweetchat. On a topic that I’ve been interested in for a long time, and with great people.

As the title says, it was climate change in health care. Special because this topic does not get very much attention in social media. Partially because the health system outside of Kaiser Permanente is just waking up to it (in the US, in the Europe the conversations are more developed). Partially because a lot of the leaders in the movement just aren’t on social media.

We got to fix a lot of that – several of our leaders and industry leaders sent their first tweet in front of our eyes.

And a brand new Kaiser Permanente handle was born on Twitter: @KPGreenHC , personned by our very own Cat Brozena.

There were about 1.6 million impressions in an hour. Not bad, and greatly helped by the US Green Building Council (@USGBC) l, who joined us (and, whose Northern California organization also announced the Building Health Initiative | U.S. Green Building Council, in which Kaiser Permanente is a Gold founding partner.

Looking forward to more, and thanks to Susannah Patton for helping to organize things. We didn’t know how it would turn out and in the end…it turned out fun.

There’s a storify coming soon, in the meantime here are the preliminary stats, and here’s the list of experts, again, to follow:

@bialowitz @HCWithoutHarm @EricLernerHCWH @USGBC @HCWHGlobal @PracGreenHealth @HHIorg @CleanMed @KPGreenHC


Ted Eytan, MD