Mapping the Determinants of Health across the span of the future DC 11th Street Bridge Park

In preparation for tomorrow’s Walk With a Doc (and actually several docs now) (Click here to sign up & Join), I ran a few maps showing large-ish differences in the determinants of health across the future walkable span. What could/will a beautiful park connecting them do to produce health?

Let’s talk about it tomorrow, as we walk.

One problem that exists today around mapping DC is that a lot of this data is at the county level, which misrepresents DC’s health diversity, a lot ( see: Do national numbers inaccurately represent Washington, DC’s obesity condition? what electronic and personal health records can do to help | Ted Eytan, MD) – we keep getting ranked as among the “thinnest” even though there are huge differences across our city.

There’s some census tract data that’s more precise that’s available, though. Thanks again to the Community Health Needs Assessment (@CommunityCommon) platform for making it easy.


Ted Eytan, MD