Holly Potter in “Kaiser Permanente Supports International Walk to School Day” – YouTube

I was delighted to see Holly Potter ( @htpotter ) make her first ( I think ) appearance in social media on behalf of Kaiser Permanente, in the video below. She has been a great supporter and leader to many in understanding how to use this new medium for the benefit of the health care system and those we serve. Plus, it is good modeling for leaders to bring the perspective of how the work they do affects them and their families personally.

Although Holly and I interact frequently as colleagues at Kaiser Permanente, she didn’t bring this work to my attention specifically – it came up on my twitterfeed and I knew right away that it is an approach I want to promote for others, so this blog post is all me. See what you think, and how you can visibly participate in channeling your inner member/citizen/patient/caregiver for the people you serve, too.

I will be in California on International Walk to School Day; if I was in DC, I would certainly offer to walk my favorite DC citizen wherever he wanted…

YouTube – Kaiser Permanente Supports International Walk to School Day.

Ted Eytan, MD