Photo Friday: Making sure today really matters (for them)

@Clinovations photo shoot, @Lygeia , @anitasmarth, @trenorwilliams , Kevin Coloton, Greg Fuller (in the back)

This week’s photograph was taken as part of the @Clinovations photo shoot, set up by partner Kevin Coloton, FACHE, who is also a professional photographer (see his incredible portfolio here). Many of us are engaged in speaking and other activities that require professional quality photographs of ourselves, so this was our day to get this done, and we did it as a group to be efficient.

As I wrote in a previous post, at the exit of the headquarters of ING Direct National Bank, there’s a sign for employees that says, “Did today really matter?” which I change slightly to “How did today really matter (for them)?. We are fortunate, we have better than a sign, we have 17 patients, and their presence changes what we do. Even in something as basic as a photo shoot, we are thinking how this is going to make a difference for them.

Give us our Dammed Data,” Regina Holliday, Washington, DC



It is so good to see most of the Clinovations team in that shot! I bet the photographer had a great time in an office that is so friendly to the visual image! It was nice to see the pieces art in the background peeking around the corners.


Ted Eytan, MD