What I learned at DC Tech Meetup

2017.03.29 DC Tech Meetup, Washington, DC USA 01978
2017.03.29 DC Tech Meetup, Washington, DC USA 01978 (View on Flickr.com)

Since this blog is about what I learned yesterday.

Chris Breene (@GoForTopherB), who I had the good fortune of meeting after the bad fortune of Jess Jacob’s unnecessary death, puts a lot of effort with the @DCTechMeetup team into making this happen.

And this time it happened in the historic Howard Theatre (@HowardTheatre), a great space, in a great neighborhood, in the best city in the world.

  • There are more analytics platforms than ever
  • Everyone is making money off of Twitter, except Twitter the company (why is that?)
  • CRMs come in different shapes and sizes, some better than others – and it’s the side comments made during the demos that inform those understandings 🙂 .
  • Whether in tech or not people are drawn to the future, and why wouldn’t they be, this is Washington, DC…

Rest of my photos below (all @CreativeCommons licensed of course), great job Chris and team.


Ted Eytan, MD