Photo Friday: Reminder about the future – it arrived

2016.11.30 This Week at Center for Total Health 02187
2016.11.30 This Week at Center for Total Health 02187 – Gay and Lesbian Medical Association convening of LGBTQ health leaders at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health(View on

When I was in medical school,

  • I didn’t meet or know many doctors who were capable or interested in taking care of all of me because of my identity, much less as leaders in making this the norm in health care. This is because doctors like that would be denied access to medical education based on their own identity.
  • There were no openly gay physicians on the Board of the American Medical Association (because you couldn’t even be a member of the AMA if you were openly gay).
  • I thought a person only needed to be a human being to receive health care.

In 2016,

  • there are doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, public health professionals who are capable, interested, and leading in taking care of all of a person, as their authentic self. From around the world.
  • The AMA has a physician who is openly gay on its Board of Trustees.
  • There’s a Gay and Lesbian Medical Association that supports people in being an authentic human in health care. Because why would a person only want a part of themselves to be healthy? I haven’t met anyone in that situation.

Still a lot of work to do, and still/yet, this century has a lot going for it 🙂

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Ted Eytan, MD