Photo Friday: Leadership Selfie, DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, Washington, DC USA

MLK Parade 2015 Anacostia, Washington, DC USA 51617
Washington, DC, Chief of Police, Cathy Lanier, with cadets, MLK Parade 2015 Anacostia, Washington, DC USA 51617 (View on Flickr)

Cathy Lanier was in this blog in 2008 (camera wasn’t as good though -> Photo: DC Police Supporting Their Community | Ted Eytan, MD). Leaders posing with their constituencies is a cool byproduct of the selfie (Photo Friday: Equality Selfie, with Washington, DC Mayor Vince Gray | Ted Eytan, MD) & I like taking photos of people taking photos, especially in Washington 🙂 .

Chief Lanier (@DCPoliceDept) and Mayor Muriel Bowser (@TeamMuriel) were leading the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade through the streets of Anacostia, starting from the historic St. Elizabeth’s Campus. More photos below. You can imagine that Anacostia today looks a lot like Northwest Washington DC did in 1990. Not yet one culture of health.

Ted Eytan, MD