Transgender Youth and Health Disparity | Community Commons

Transgender Youth and Health Disparity | Community Commons.

As KPLantern begins week two in Northern California (see: #KPLantern is beginning – Human Centered Insights into Transgender Person Health, to make it better, the team at Community Commons (@CommunityCommon) let me know about this post on their blog.

The post includes a podcast of parents of children who are transgender telling their stories and their interactions with medical care. Some of the stories are heartbreaking – avoiding the pediatrician for all health needs for fear of judgement, being told by therapists identified as trans-competent to not allow a child to express their gender.

As one of my trans-identified mentors Garrett G said to me, “A suicide happens quickly, this type of harm happens slowly.”

The post also highlights the limited amount of data that’s available about LGBTQI health. Even the superior mapping platform that Community Commons can’t give us a look into this community, because data isn’t collected.

Take a listen to the podcast and check out the post at the Community Commons site, and let them know what I am about to let them know:

Focus on Transgender Youth Health: Summary by Mohec on Mixcloud

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