Photo: White House Red Ribbon, World AIDS Day 2014

the world has definitely learned to love a lot better since I posted this 1 year ago:

I didn’t predict at last World AIDS Day in 2012 that I would take on the identity of ally. That’s new this year, I’ll be posting about that soon.

There were many posts (see them here) and many changes in policy, culture, and health care in 2014, and a net reduction in homophobia, which includes prejudice against people who are transgender and gender non-conforming. Love won, multiple times 🙂 .

We should look forward to an AIDS-free as well as a homophobia-free generation, it will happen in our lifetimes.

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  1. I am truly honored to see this acknowledgement by the White House l am a woman living with HIV for the last 25 years and an Immigrant who have received the best of Care in the state of New York. Thank you for the Ryan White Care Act.

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