How Can Large Companies Innovate? | Andreessen Horowitz

How Can Large Companies Innovate? | Andreessen Horowitz.

As the title says, this is via @a16z, the theory is that

  • The best innovations are good ideas that look like bad ideas
  • Large companies are good at eliminating bad ideas

This has some congruence with me, as I notice that I subconsciously hang out in spaces where ideas are celebrated, not eliminated (see: Innovation often happens in out of the way places) with a core group of people who I work with in a very large organization.

At some level I think big companies are ideal places to innovate, if the definition of innovation is “a good idea executed well” because smaller companies can’t execute to the scale of a big company. Everyone should of course choose the environment where they can personally thrive and change the world 🙂 . See what you think.

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