Let’s Chat! Thursday, August 29

Life is about experimentation.

After our awesome patientchat (see: What a Tweetchat – U.S. News Health #PatientChat | Ted Eytan, MD), which was awesome, but also a bit of “bedlam” (I like Trisha’s description – see her post: Let’s Chat! Thursday, August 29), a note came across the HealthFOO network about a new platform called Tawkers, which we’re going to test out this Wednesday.

Here’s the deal. Instead of us tweeting a hashtag, we’re going to tweet the URL to live tweet-like interview between Trisha and I, and here’s that URL:


If you go to it, you’ll be able to watch Trisha and I interview each other – we chose the topic of “self-diagnosis”. We can pull in tweets of comments or questions directed to us, either from twitter or from within the platform.

We realize this is another thing to log into, and viewers don’t have to log into Tawkers if they just want to watch. If they do log in, though, we can pull their responses in.

Let’s try it out. The goal is for patient and physician to have a conversation about something that’s important to us, that’s preserved and readable later on.

Here’s the info:

  • What: Patient/Physician Chat with help from the audience – topic – “self-diagnosis
  • When: Thursday, 8/29/13, 4:30 pm EST – 5:00 pm EST
  • Where: http://tawke.rs/17QCuGD – You can sign up now, no need to wait until Thursday

Our twitter handles are @trishatorrey and @tedeytan

Thanks to the Tawkers team for taking a chance on a patient teaching a doctor and vice versa.

Ted Eytan, MD