Visit to Global Center of Health Innovation in Cleveland, OH USA

Along with colleagues from Kaiser Permanente Ohio (@ohioKP), I toured Cleveland’s Global Center of Health Innovation (wikipedia article). Information about the Center is published elsewhere  so I don’t want to duplicate that. There are a few facts we received during our tour:

  • Budget, $465 million, actual cost, $95 million less than budget
  • 1m square feet for the whole complex, including the new convention center
  • 235,000 square feet for the Global Center, with 100,000 square feet of showcase space
  • Largest installation of structural glass in the United States
  • LEED silver
  • Built and managed by Mechandise Mart Properties, whose parent company is Vornado, their entrance into the health space
  • Catering will be provided by Levy restaurants, several tenants using Cleveland’s Vocon for space design
  • Formerly called “Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center” – name changed to position accordingly

Photos below, still under construction, opening October 7, 2013.

PS Note how spiffy Cleveland’s downtown is now – Renewed AND Renewable!

Ted Eytan, MD