Photo Friday: Love tends to keep winning

Governor Testifies on Marriage Equality
Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley Testifies in favor of Marriage Equality - Maryland senate hearing

Photo credit MDGovpics

Since I try to keep Photo Friday linked to Washington, DC, this week’s photograph is of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, after testifying in favor of marriage equality, to end discrimination against LGBT residents in Maryland State. I chose this pose because it shows that this does not come easy, even to a governor. You can listen to his testimony here, and the Washington Post’s endorsement of his efforts.

He was the third governor this week to have, within reach, the better health, better community happiness, reduced health care utilization, and reduced health care costs, that come with ending marriage discrimination. This is why equality = health.

May the remaining 41 states also experience what the current 6 plus the District of Columbia do today.  I plan on writing a post each time because I think it’s important to remember the lesson  in the title of these posts …. and if love wins this much and this quickly, maybe there will be less than 41 since they’ll be grouped together :).

Today’s ruling is a victory for fairness, a victory for equality, and a victory for justice. Proposition 8 denied to gay and lesbian couples the equal protection to which all Americans are entitled. By striking this unconstitutional law from our books, the court has restored dignity, equality, and respect to all Californians. – Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General, State of California

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