Photo Friday: Life’s better here – It’s True, DC is diverse

It’s True: We Have Little Tolerance For Stupid Rankings: DCist – I slightly modified the title of the post from DCist that I am referring to. However, it turns out that the frustration with the DailyBeast’s rankings about “tolerance” provided a good platform to list all the ways Washington, DC, doesn’t tolerate, it lives diversity.

As I wrote in this post back in 2008 (See: “Diverse communities areā€¦” ), the data shows that diversity is positively correlated with happiness and fulfillment in a community, and in business, with increased profitability. Check it out.

In the meantime, this week’s photograph, taken in Washington, DC speaks for itself. This is why we love it here, because love always wins.


@tedeytan trying to determine worthiness for helping patients vet a doc’s board cert. (If it’s easier to email… you have mine, right?)

@TrishaTorrey Yep e-mail’s a better medium for this type of query. I will tell you what I know.

Ted Eytan, MD