What about Physician Assistants? Invasion of the Social Media Body Snatchers – JAAPA

Thanks to Jim Anderson, PA-C, ATC, (@HITorMISSPA) who accepted my suggestion to write a post about the culture of Physician Assistants and social media. This is chapter 1. LInking to it to point out that there are thought leaders across all the health professions, and the health professions are not all the same in their thinking.

I’m looking forward to Chapter 2! Thanks, Jim.

….and while there is an expanding community of PAs using Facebook and Twitter, a strong sub-current continues to murmur like a brook under the emerging PA Social Medial culture, whispering about the danger, the risk, and the emergence of fallen angels littering the highway of Facebook use.

via Invasion of the Social Media Body Snatchers – JAAPA.

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