Photo Friday: Bert, at 81, is the oldest Lindy Hopper in the world. He told me to learn the Lindy on YouTube.

When I went to check out the Sunday afternoon Lindy Hop on Dupont Circle, sponsored by the DC Lindy Exchange, I ran into Bert, pictured here, or actually he ran into me, asking me to photograph is shirt, which I happily obliged.

Bert told me that he’s 81, and is originally from Sweden, where he first did the Lindy in 1946. Problem was, he said, the dance was not allowed because it took up too much space on the dance floor. “We jumped up and down during the foxtrot,” he told me.

He said “You need to learn the Lindy!” I started to say, “I’m too old for that….” and then I realized this was a useless argument in this situation. He said,”Go on YouTube, there are some great videos there to teach you. The girls can pick up the Lindy within 3 minutes, the guys take a lot more time.”

The public spaces of Washington, DC are filled with people who are engaged in their health and lifelong learning. This is why it is such a great place to learn about what health is for and how health care should support it.

Short video and rest of my photos below. It’s really a beautiful dance, isn’t it?

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157626520023530″]Photos of/from Lindy Hop Dupont Circle[/miniflickr]


Ted Eytan, MD