PCHT Advisory Group Meeting #2

Today is the second meeting of the PCHIT Advisory Group (Click here to see their picture and biographies). We have nearly 100 % participation, with the exception of Chuck Milligan, who is out of state right now.

This blog is as much about PCHIT as it is about working on PCHIT, and the Advisory Group component has been very important. Our meetings have created opportunities to stop and ask “Why?” for everything we are doing.

This particular meeting has a defined purpose, which is to assist Josh and I finalize a piece of work we are putting together for this effort, called “PCHIT Personas” (And maybe the group will help us if the name isn’t quite right, either). This borrows from a concept of user-centered design where professionals create personas around the individuals they are designing for. Our personas are not people, but entities, such as safety net providers, health plans, multispecialty groups, and integrated delivery systems. We want to assemble our experience so we can know what each entity is about and what their influencers are. We are also learning about what our influencers are, as well. We then want to take that information to frame our next three months in terms of what we will “do” to support PCHIT, since this is about doing, after all (within the framework of PDCA though….).

Reflection is great. And to have help from experienced and bright individuals like this makes it even better. We’ll post the outcome of our discussion, happening at the Center for Information Therapy World Headquarters in Bethesda, tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Ted Eytan, MD