Photo Friday 2: Kaiser Permanente visibly supports diversity

I am sneaking in another set of photos this week, because I was so taken (and impressed) by these images I encountered in the San Francisco Powell Street BART station. The commitment shown here echoes reports from other national organizations, most notably the Human Rights Campaign (which awarded KP a perfect 100 rating for corporate equality). These reports show that Kaiser Permanente sets a very high bar for supporting staff and members from different backgrounds.

Even though I am not officially an employee of Kaiser Permanente (I am a Permanente physician in an affiliated medical group), I have great respect for an organization that emphasizes leadership in this area. Protecting our vital populations by reducing disparities is one of the most important goals (actually the most important goal) I have as a physician.

Kaiser Permanente Thrive

Kaiser Permanente Thrive

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[…] Posted by Ted Eytan as Photo FridayTags: DC , disparities , diversity , employer , equality , toyotaPopularity: 1% I like how the advertising is different here, and I pay attention to advertising because it says something about the people who live here, and what can I say, I like to live in a place where people make things happen. In Seattle, advertising is more lifestyle oriented. Here it is more policy oriented, and I snapped a few shots of my favorite car company who are apparently doing a metro station “domination” (that’s the word the execs use) at Union Station, much as Kaiser Permanente did a very nice domination of Powell Street BART over the holidays (with a very cool nod to Kaiser Permanente’…). […]

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