Photo Friday: Harris Teeter and Advertising in the Capital

I like how the advertising is different here, and I pay attention to advertising because it says something about the people who live here, and what can I say, I like to live in a place where people make things happen. In Seattle, advertising is more lifestyle oriented. Here it is more policy oriented, and I snapped a few shots of my favorite car company who are apparently doing a metro station “domination” (that’s the word the execs use) at Union Station, much as Kaiser Permanente did a very nice domination of Powell Street BART over the holidays (with a very cool nod to Kaiser Permanente’s excellence in supporting diversity).

The fun part is figuring out what’s behind this and what policy issue might be up for grabs that would make Toyota want to impress their commitment to the U.S. economy at this time. If anyone in the know knows, feel free to post a comment.

I’m adding one photo of the brand new Harris Teeter that’s about to open in my neighborhood. Apparently artsy photos are popular among the DC Flickr crowd. It’s a Web2.0 thing I guess.

Toyota posters

Toyota posters

Harris Teeter Kalorama

Ted Eytan, MD