Photo Friday: Considering the Glucose Load carefully on the last day of Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Washington, DC USA

2018.09.07 ButterCream BakeShop, Washington, DC USA 06030
2018.09.07 ButterCream BakeShop, Washington, DC USA 06030 (View on

This week’s photograph combines multiple interests (passions) into one:

  • Washington, DC (of course)
  • Food photography (working on getting better)
  • Citizen science and curiosity (never ending)
  • Nutrition, metabolic health, diabetes prevention and reversal (#ThisCenturyBestCentury)

I’ve been wearing a continuous glucose monitor for 9 days. The last day of the sensor is in 1 day. I’ll be posting on the experience in detail soon, in the meantime, given that I’ve been in a fat-adapted state for some time, the readings have been pretty consistent. I’m wondering what would happen if I ingested a large glucose (+fat) load, then. It might as well be a delicious one. Stay tuned…

More photos of the potential options below, enjoy. Thanks @BttrcrmBakeshop for the delicious options.

Ted Eytan, MD