Your Hospital Experience (survey) – A University of Washington Study

Your Hospital Experience (survey) – A University of Washington Study .

From Logan Kendall (@loganwire) :

I am a PhD student at the University of Washington – I was actually a student of Dave Masuda who you may know.

My research area is exploring information needs and their impact on patient engagement and patient experiences.

I am running a short survey right now targeting individuals that have been hospitalized to get a better understanding of the information challenges that patients and their family members experience, and how that might connect with safety.

I was wondering if you might be able to help broadcast this survey to a wider audience through your Twitter or other social media accounts. If it’s helpful, I’ve provided a brief introduction and link below. I understand if you have a policy around this sort of thing, but I appreciate any support that you can provide.

Answer to everything is yes, especially when it involves supporting patient and family access to information – support provided, see below.


If you have ever been hospitalized or taken care of someone in the hospital, please help us improve patient experiences and address information challenges by taking our survey at:


Ted Eytan, MD