73 Cents, The film starring…Regina Holliday

On a mission

I saw the 73 Cents film for a second time this weekend, at Our City Film Festival, in Washington, DC. Hard to believe that we are almost at 4 years since the mural was started. And still really really hard to believe that Regina (@ReginaHolliday) started painting within a week of her husband’s death.

Check out the the film, it’s kind of a whirlwind around the influence that a person can have, if they are dedicated.

More photos from my time with Regina below. It was a cool moment when, during the Q & A, a member of the audience asked, “Have you had any impact.” 🙂

We continued to contemplate some non-compliant scheming afterward. I love that she can talk, think, and paint at the same time. How does she do it?


tedeytan thank you and Cascadia and claudiawilliams for being part of such a great night 🙂 #73cents

Ted Eytan, MD