Photo Friday: Hugs are a scalable, affordable intervention in health / Opower visit

This week’s photograph is of Jess Jacobs (@jess_jacobs) and Mark Scrimshire (@ekivemark), co-instigators of much innovative thinking and doing in Washington, DC. The hug happened on the occasion of the Future of the Hospital online global forecasting game, that we participated in together, in person, with @MsWz @Lygeia and @ChristineKraft (an online game that we played in person, get it?).

It’s interesting , or actually it’s not because it’s obvious to this family physician , that the high tech tools that amplify instead of diminish human connections are the ones that succeed. That’s what technology is for, and we should always question any technology or process that doesn’t create this result.

Or, simply stated by Christine Kraft (@christinekraft) – “Why doesn’t love have a billing code?”

Here are more photographs from a busy week at the Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth). Click to enlarge:


Ted Eytan, MD