Photo Friday: Peter and Jakob Levin show that Total Health is wherever you are

Photo Friday are usually (a) photographs taken by me and (b) within the Washington, DC area, however they are always about the human spirit, which is why I make exceptions :).

When Peter Levin (@pllevin) arranged to have an esteemed colleague take a tour of the Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth) with me recently, he told me he was sorry he could not also attend, because he was flying to Berlin to be with his son Jakob. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind snapping a photo and sending it to me, with permission to publish (granted by both). I’d say this is more Total Health than going on a tour with me in Washington, DC, don’t you think? 

Individual, family, community, society, mind, body, spirit…

Thanks Peter and Jakob, hope you had a great time.

Ted Eytan, MD