Photo Friday Special: Regina, Regina, and Donna Shalala #TheWalkingGallery

I was honored today to not just meet Donna Shalala, the current President of the University of Miami ( @UnivMiami ), and former Health and Human Services Secretary under President Bill Clinton, but to introduce her (again) to Regina Benjamin ( @SGRegina ), the current United States Surgeon General, via the art of Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday ). Dr. Shalala was HHS secretary when I was training to be a physician and her work to support prevention has been influential in my work to this day.

We met at the Bipartisan Policy Center ( @BPC_bipartisan ) Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative event, which has brought an amazing diversity of organizations and institutions that influence health, inside and outside of health care. I’ll post on that later, in the meantime, this is dedicated to the two Regina’s who I wanted to visibly connect with Secretary Shalala – three incredible leaders.

Every jacket tells a story about health and health care. Here’s the story behind this one: “Wearing the story of fellow family physician Regina Benjamin, MD at #TheWalkingGallery on June 7, 2011, Washington, DC


Ted Eytan, MD