Podcast: “Your Physician Advisory Group for Hire” talks about Health 2.0

Dave deBronkart, Ted Eytan, Danny SandsDave deBronkart, Ted Eytan, Danny Sands at e-Patient Connections (from flickr)

Danny Sands, MD

Phil Marshall, MD


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In the last 4 weeks, Danny Sands, MD ( @drdannysands ), Phil Marshall, MD ( no twitter handle, why, Phil? ), and I have spent quite a bit of time together.

“Your Physician Advisory Group for Hire” (except that we don’t charge anything) came from a conversation between myself, Phil Marshall, MD, and Danny Sands, that we had in San Francisco during Health Innovation Week, and later reprised (on a school night). In it, we shared our perceptions and ideas for the future of this great event. I will not do the event justice if I try and do a rundown of the things we saw and talked about. Fortunately, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn ( @healthythinker ) did a beautiful job describing what was big on her HealthPopuli blog. Highly recommended as an adjunct.

This is the first podcast I’ve ever posted on here, so we’ll see how it works out technically. Standard acronyms apply: FWIW, YMMV.

Phil and Danny are great to work with, and we like helping each other and others out, so if you have any topics that might spur another get-together of the three of us on a school night, let us know in the comments.


Right on, Danny. I agree with the "feels like 1998 all over again!" comment. Lots of funky ideas and barely one that I'd be willing to put my own money into.

To me, this event proved again that nascent trends/movements (healthcare or otherwise) tend to start off with this quasi-bubble phase. A phase full of excessive optimism, whacky concepts, ignored revenue models and self-aggregating group of starry-eyed early adopters. Event managers (like Matt and Indu) tend to get the most out of this phase 🙂

What irritated me was that nobody talked convincingly about how they are going to make money. Even humongous efforts like Sharecare skirted around that. I guess we *didn't* learn much from the tech bubble. Oh well.

I agree Pallay. Ted edited out some of my more colorful comments about that, but if this movement is to be taken seriously, we have to be realistic about sustainable business models. Would love to have had more time for Q&A from the audience.

Ted Eytan, MD