“Am I Being HEHRd” Video – teaching EHR Etiquette at Stanford University

As I mentioned on this blog previously, Beverley Kane, MD, has been preparing a curriculum for Stanford School of Medicine students on the use of the electronic health record with patients. She recently shared this video that she’s created with us, and I am embedding it here:

Here is the video we premiered on Thursday for the MS IIs in Stanford’s Practice of Medicine course.

It was very well received, especially as I introduced it with a straight face, asking them to note how many of the guidelines the doctor and nurse violated.

They start their clinical rotations this month and get trained on the EHR for the first time.

So nice to see creativity applied to this part of the medical school curriculum; more importantly, nice to see the service aspect of medical care being part of the curriculum in the first place. To the readers – are there other medical schools that you know of that are doing well in this regard? Teaching about e-mailing patients and sharing patients’ medical / health information with them in the exam room and in the living room? Post in the comments please!


There doesn't seem to be a link to the video, at least nothing "clickable" in my browser. Can you add it to the post? This is an interesting and, I think, increasingly important topic. Thanks!


Hi Peter,

This is probably an embedding issue – give this URL and instructions from Beverley a try and see what you think:


To see the video,

Click on the link above

On the Megavideo site, click on the round red button with the arrow

When the arrow button turns green, click it again

If you land on a page with a lot of movies, go Back and repeat steps 2 and/or 3.

While you are here if you have a few minutes to talk about your interest in this subject and the work you do that would be great,


Ted Eytan, MD