Please provide advance input to Meaningful Use Workgroup on Patient Family Engagement – Hearing on April 20 on …. their blog

From fellow supporter of patient/family involvement in their care, Josh Seidman, PhD, who’s Acting Director, Meaningful Use, Office of Provider Adoption Support, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology:

“The Meaningful Use Workgroup of the Health IT Policy (FACA/federal advisory committee that advises ONC) is holding a hearing on Tuesday, April 20 in Washington (open to the public in person and virtually) on patient/family engagement. This testimony and other public input will be critically important in laying out the foundational steps for the evolution of Stages 2 & 3 definitions of MU for patient/family engagement.

In addition to the hearing itself, we are now inviting public input in advance of the hearing and follow-up to it on the FACA Blog, and we’d love to get as much thoughtful input as possible.”

Please, go, and add a comment (or two), to Josh’s blog post on this topic. For patients, families, and the good of Web 2.0….


Ted Eytan, MD