Presentation: Prevention and Screening – Informatics for Consumer Health

Below are high quality images of the slides I presented at the Informatics for Consumer Health Summit, at the Bolger Center for Leadership, in Potomac, MD. I didn’t know the U.S. Postal Service had such a nice facility, I guess that is a part of the fun of discovering new parts of this part of the country.

Below the slides is a list of links of sources used in my slides. I’m reposting here because the videocast did not include the actual videos.

This presentation will probably look familiar; there are new slides that show the very impressive breast cancer screening rates achieved in Kaiser Permanente regions, and most notably, Hawaii, which achieved a rate of 85 %, which ranks it as the number one health plan in the U.S.

Oh, one note, slide 2 is the title slide I “wanted” to use, instead of slide 1 – it’s not too informal is it? I want to highlight health instead of technology….

Enjoy, comments and questions welcome.

Links to Source Information


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