Web Badge Friday: Time for Public Comments on Healthy People 2020


This week’s photograph is a really a web badge, for Healthy People 2020, whose objectives have entered the public comment phase.

As I have written previously, HP2020 includes “exciting new and/or modified objectives” that include access to the Internet, to one’s personal health information, and to one’s health care provider online. I added a public comment on the latter objective.

I think this is a great progression of the Healthy People program of the US Department of Health and Human Services, because I remember Healthy People 2000 – back then it wasn’t envisioned that patients would have internet access to their health care providers and information. As this becomes part of Healthy People 2020, we’ll envision it for our country, and our international colleagues will envision this type of access/empowerment as both essential for good health and a great innovation from our health care system.

Please take the time to review the objective(s) and include your input on a few – I am sure you will find at least one that you are very passionate about.


Ted Eytan, MD