Driving the Adoption of Health IT Through Innovations in Social Media, July 16, 2009, Washington, DC


Seems like a very interesting conference. Social media and healthcare are starting to intertwine in amazing ways. I must admit that the title of the panel you'll be on is odd "Electronic Health Records: Using Social Media To Drive Health IT Adoption"

I'll be interested to hear how you plan to use social media to drive EHR adoption. From the patient perspective I can understand how it will work. From the doctor perspective I don't see it arriving at a critical mass to be able to effect major change. Yes, this comes from an EMR blogger with a few thousand twitter followers to boot.

I'll be really interested to hear what's said. Props to the organizers for putting it on uStream also. The very best way to attend a conference virtually.

Dear John,

Glad you can tune in!

With regard to "how it will work"- I think it already has. I presented on this previously (you can see the slides here). In a nutshell, I think social media allows people to get the information they need it when they are interested in it, from people who are just like them, and an EMR implementation definitely creates a need for information.

Let us know what you think before and after,


Ted Eytan, MD