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  • Health 2.0 Through the Eyes of a Diabetic – One Year Later – ReadWriteWeb – A patient talks about his diabetes and what he did or didn't use Health2.0-wise. Are there good tools to consolidate information that patients with diabetes need to manage their health? I am especially interested this as I am reading Amy Tenderich’s book right now. Is there a place that is set up to manage the main pieces of data as Amy describes? I need to finish the book and not offer solutions….I’m interested, though, at this point.


Hi Ted,

Thanks for highlighting this article and the different tools out there to help diabetics. There are actually several good ones just for tracking and managing the stats that can be shared with doctors.

One of them is, and in full disclosure I am one of the founders. Also is another good one. There are very few that are actually web2.0 or health2.0 systems or that are not linked to a particular meter company etc.

Glad to hear you're reading Amy Tendrichs book. She is a wealth of information and really walks her talk.

Hi Daerick,

You're right and I should have thought about Sugarstats as I was writing this post, so I'm glad I didn't offer a solution before listening! After I finish the book, I will go sign up and see how I could leverage Amy's wisdom using the tool. Thanks again for stopping by and keep up the great work,


Ted Eytan, MD