Photo Friday: National Building Museum, A Place for Beginnings and Endings

National Building Museum

This week’s photograph is of The National Building Museum , in Downtown, Washington, DC, which became famous this year for an ending, to a historic presidential campaign. From the Museum’s about page:

The Museum is, however, much more than a repository of things, beautiful and intriguing though they may be. It is above all a forum for the development, exploration, and exchange of ideas. Created by an act of Congress in 1980, the National Building Museum has become one of the world’s most prominent and vital venues for informed, reasoned debate about the built environment and its impact on people’s lives

When I toured the interior, it was being set up to celebrate the beginning to a new relationship, in the gorgeous grand hall.

National Building Museum

And for my ongoing curiosity about the city, the model for the City’s master plan used until the 1970’s was on display as well as an exhibit describing our transportation history. Washington, DC, like many cities, was slated to have interstate freeways coursing through it in the 1960’s, but thanks to the activism of its diverse residents, this never happened, for the benefit of all who enjoy its beauty today.

Washington DC Master Plan
Ted Eytan, MD