My AHRQ M&M Case & Commentary – The Promise of Patient and Family Involvement

AHRQ WebM&M: October, 2008, Case & Commentary: Recurrent Hypoglycemia: A Care Transition Failure? Commentary by Ted Eytan, MD, MS, MPH

I wrote this month’s spotlight case in AHRQ’s Web M&M.

At first glance, this article looks like a traditional M&M (“Morbidity & Mortality”) review of an internal medicine case, replete with lab values, diagnostic discussions, and the like. However, the cases on this site stretch beyond diagnostics, as I found.

Bob Wachter, MD and his team invited me to write a commentary on a case about recurrent hypoglycemia that was about system supports rather than diagnostic and clinical errors. This included putting together all the thoughts on having an accessible EHR, patient and family involvement in care, and in the design of the system. The whole thing is in there, wrapped in a package for clinicians and those who support them to review and ponder.

It’s the spotlight case this month, and as I review it, I remember all of the people along the way who added this idea or that idea (and there’s many more to add). You’ll probably recognize yourselves in there….

With thanks to Bob and team for envisioning that a difficult medical case could be the foundation for a discussion about what Health 2.0 will do for our nation. See what you think.

Ted Eytan, MD