Photo Friday: One Year DCversary! (I heart DC)


DC Heart Flags Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of arrival to Washington, DC, from the “other” Washington’s City of Seattle.

It occurred to me that I could pick any 24 hours’ worth of events to describe why I heart DC, so I’ll just use the last 24 hours, which started off with me meeting Josh Seidman, President of the Center for Information Therapy, for a walking meeting in Dupont Circle, which was joined spontaneously by Susannah Fox, from the Pew Research Center and We walked Susannah to her workplace, passing both Hello Cupcake, where we talked about the arrival of the cupcake wars in Washington, walking past the offices of, where I reminded myself to introduce Curtis Raye from Medical Bisnow to both Josh and Susannah in his profile of local health influencers. Later on, I received a tweet from Jen McCabe-Gorman who met Curtis at the Disruptive Women in Healthcare meeting, and the reciprocal tweet from Curtis (you could just see their twitterstreams coming together) that he met Jen. And so the epicenter of health care transformation becomes a little more epicentric.

This is happening in place with the most walkable areas per capita in the United States and with incredible diversity of cultures and thought. The only thing the District is currently missing for me are an Apple Store. And a Cheesecake Factory. (Both are three metro stops away in Virginia, though).

Place matters. We all deserve to find the best one for ourselves. Who’s yours?

Susannah Fox and Josh Seidman


Happy Anniversary Ted! DC hearts you right back.

I love the idea of walking meetings (Curtis mentioned them during our talk last night at the Disruptive Women launch).

Next time, tweet me a cupcake though will you?!


Hooray! And I can't believe Curtis stole my walking meeting idea :). Just kidding, when WWW (walk while working, or work while walking) takes off like it should, no one should be indoors at all during the workday. It will just be people walking around, learning and teaching, and enjoying the communities they live and work in,


Thanks, Ted, for documenting that I wasn't late for work — I was having a walking meeting! I used to name other cities as my favorites (San Francisco, Berlin) but then I realized that those are my favorites to visit. DC is my home.

Don't worry, I wasn't stealing the idea. I was more like . . .

"Ted Eytan is so crazy."

"How crazy is he?"

"He's so crazy he tried to have a walking meeting while I scribbled notes and lugged around a camera."

Or something like that. All complimentary, of course.

Of course, if EVERYBODY was walking, somebody would have invented a way to walk and write effectively by now.

hmmm…good point. I should have offered to lug the camera (if it's the difference between having a walking meeting or not, a purse or bag of any kind looks great on me). Please steal away (or should I say "co-invest") in anything crazy you see here, my friend, I will want to reciprocate,


Ted Eytan, MD